Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Macro, Multipartite, Polymorphic, Stealth and Sasser Virus...

Macro virus:
Written using a simplified macro programming language, and Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, and now estimated 75 percent of this strain has spread across the world. A document infected by a macro virus generally modifies a command that has been available and widely used (like the "Save") to trigger its himself when the command is run.

Multipartite Virus:
Infect both files and boot sector - a villain who can impersonate we continue to infect systems before it was captured by antivirus scanners.

Polymorphic Virus:
Will change the code whenever it passes on different machines; in Theoretically this type of virus is more difficult to be detected by antivirus scanners, but in reality this type of virus is not well written, making it easy to known to exist.

Stealth Virus:
Hiding himself by making an infected file is not visible infected, but the virus of this type are rarely able to deal with the latest antivirus Canner.

Sasser Virus
By definition the same as the blaster and Nachi only different ways to attack where the attack Sasser LSASS (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) is a windows license or license the protocol window. Spread over TCP Port 445 (netbios), which is on the PC, where if there are weaknesses in the TCP port 445 will be attacked, as well as Blaster and Nachi, Sasser worm is also an directly attacking the virus that PC users (the user).


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